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Tiedowns are located midfield on the east side of the runway in the beautiful grassy area. They're close to the pilot lounge, which is on the southern edge of the grass. You can use a tiedown just off the taxiway, or, if those are all full, taxi across the grass and park along the east side of the grass.

You might even prefer the tiedowns along the east side, especially if you're camping, as there are BBQs lining the eastern edge of the grass. Bring some briquettes, lighter fluid, some big steaks, and a tent for a lovely camp out on our lush grass.

Tiedowns are free for the first week. After that, they're $5 per week. If you want to pay by the month, that's $15. There are envelopes inside the pilot lounge where you can fill out your airplane information and leave your cash. Just deposit the provided envelope into the metal box.

Overflow Parking

In the event that the normal tiedowns are all used up, there are overflow tiedowns on the west side of the runway, right next to the taxiway, south of the wind sock.

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